Keimeno includes a firewall in every version. This is part of the core and is available to every app. The firewall prevents hackers from causing damage. It analyzes the attack and initiates appropriate countermeasures, such as blocking the IP address.

Blocked IP addresses can be viewed in the backend under "Settings" Firewall. Optionally, the IP address can also be removed from the block list here. Temporally, you can see where the attacker is coming from.


Access rules can also be defined via the settings.


App Programming

Note for developers. You can report a hacker attack to the Keimeno team at any time. Simply add the following command in PHP at the appropriate place (example):

firewall_class::report_hack('Contact form, hacking over hidden field');

The data is transmitted anonymously and without storing the IP address. The Keimeno system also does not store IP addresses unless a hacker attack is detected and the IP address is placed on the blacklist. Location-based data is not stored.