We wanted to make the installation as simple as possible. Why upload countless files or large TAR balls like other systems? No, it has to be easier!

Don't be surprised. The Keimeno Installer consists of only 1 file. The script does everything for you. No more long downloads or uploads. To successfully install Keimeno, simply follow the wizard. Please note the server system requirements listed below.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download keimeno-install.tar.gz /
  2. Unpack the file and upload it via FTP to the webspace
  3. Run install.php by calling the URL:


The installer automatically downloads all necessary files from the Trebaxa server and sets them up. Simply follow the assistant to complete the installation.


  • Apache server with running PHP/CGI service and mySQLi
  • at least PHP version 8.1
  • mySQLi version 5
  • at least 500MB webspace
  • GD Library / JSON