System Templates

System templates serve as a template for pages and emails. These templates can be customized to fit the company and the homepage. System templates define, for example, the structure of your page, how the gallery looks, or the contact form. System templates offer the possibility to design the entire page and its functions individually! Custom workflows and functional pages can be programmed through this.

You can find the system templates in the organization. They are subdivided into the corresponding apps. The appearance of the page, the so-called framework, can be found in the "Framework" section.


With the placeholders provided (Smarty implementation), the templates can be integrated and used. If the necessary expertise is available, you can also customize the templates to your own preferences or create entirely new ones and use them.

HTML and Smarty template knowledge are prerequisites for this.



And this is what the global template looks like, for example:

In line 1, the header template is loaded. From line 4, you can see the structure of the breadcrumb. The variable {TMPL_SPOT_1} is filled with the page content by the Keimeno engine.