Translations (basic)

In the translations (basic), all terms used by the system are stored. These can be adjusted and translated for the respective language. The placeholders are used, for example, in invoice templates, login masks, and many other situations.

Translations (individual)

The individual translations must be created specifically for the customer. There is the possibility to generate placeholders to provide the corresponding term in each language used.

To do this, click on the text link „Add Joker“. Enter the desired terms in the fields of the next window and then click save.

Now an overview of the existing translations or jokers appears. In the columns of each language, the appropriate translation must be entered.
The placeholders are then placed, for example, in the system templates.

To change a translation, simply click on the respective word:


Via the "Download" link, it is possible to download the respective language. This file is in CSV format. Now you can have this CSV file professionally translated and upload it accordingly at the end of the page via the CSV Upload button.

Make sure that the new language file has the correct file name.

For example, you download the German language: lang_no_de.csv. Then you translate it into English and save the file again as lang_no_en.csv. You upload this again. And everything is translated. Tip: Google Translator can read the CSV format.