What is Keimeno?

The Keimeno project was initiated in 2006 by Harald Petrich with the idea of creating an innovative framework and CM that is easier and faster to use than other CM software products. The main requirements were security, speed, and ease of use.

Over the years, Keimeno has evolved not only into a CMS but also into a CMF. A framework for programmers to quickly implement their own applications.

Keimeno is now available under the GPL license and is continuously developed by a growing community.

Keimeno offers a comprehensive collection of tools that can be used directly by developers.

Through a simple connection to the app pool, developers can easily make their own GPL apps available in the Keimeno index. Closed-source software products are also supported. Keimeno natively offers IonCube encryption.

During the development phase, care was taken to use only international standard components. Keimeno was developed with PHP, mySQLi, Javascript with JQuery, and the Smarty Template Engine. The standard framework and backend are based on Bootstrap.

This guarantees a quick start for new developers!

Thanks to the Smarty Template Engine, there is finally a clear separation between PHP programming and HTML code. Mixing no longer occurs. Programmers will breathe a sigh of relief.

Keimeno offers a perfect platform not only for developers but also for users. They are quickly able to intuitively operate the clear backend. This makes the use of rudimentary HTML for users obsolete. With the "Flex Templates," the agency/web designer creates the corresponding HTML template. The user simply uses it and fills it with content.